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XRI Water

XRI is the leading full-cycle water management and produced water midstream company with advanced water treatment technologies and recycling frameworks. XRI is revolutionizing the water midstream industry by focusing on the recycling of produced water, reducing industry reliance on potable water sources, and by engaging in and providing ESG-focused solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Catalyst Energy Services

Catalyst Energy Services is an emerging stimulation service company specializing in hydraulic fracturing treatment with the equipment, people and technology to get your investment online as soon as possible. Built by an accomplished executive team with over 100 years of hands-on experience in the field, engineering, and business management, we are supported by a highly experienced and knowledgeable operations team to maximize equipment efficiency and achieve optimal operational results.

Social Contract

Social Contract helps communities solve complex social problems. We plant the seeds for long-term, ethical change. Our partnerships, initiative design and blueprints, strategic change planning, and implementation plans help organizations at every step of change making. We’re changing how change is financed. We leverage internal expertise from the business, government, and philanthropic sectors.

Money Mailbox

 At Money Mailbox, our goals are your goals, and we will partner with you to help you achieve financial freedom. From educating you on the fundamental and need-to-know basics of real estate to developing realistic portfolio strategies to leveraging our in-house agent and credible business partnerships–we can help you achieve the unthinkable.

Awaken LIVE

Awaken LIVE connects teachers and students around the world through empowered virtual learning and a mutual investment in our greater potential. We offer a diverse array of live-streaming classes and workshops, taught by skilled teachers from around the world, and made accessible to you through our connected, global platform. 

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